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Brian celebrates over 30 years of sharing his body art expertise with his clients, colleagues and friends. He specializes in body piercing, safety standards, STATIM autoclaves and HYDRIM automated instrument washers, and is an authorized dealer for the Coltene SciCan family of products.


He offers expert consultation and training for streamlined workflow for Body Art Professionals.


As a long time member of ASTM International and the Association of Professional Piercers, he develops, interprets and publishes evidence based standards for continual improvement in the field of Body Arts.


American Needle: The Cutting Edge

In this class, it will be discussed how the blade surfaces can be manipulated simply to determine how the jewelry will look in the piercings, as well as how to make the needles work with optimal accuracy using bevel geometry and shaping techniques.


We will also discuss the theory behind needle designs and what we recognize as important to getting from point A to point B accurately, minimizing trauma, using the needle’s cutting edge to improve safety, control, and accuracy.

A rising tide lifts all boats

This class will be all about the importance of organization APP as an example, and about how we bring everyone up.

This presentation will also provide you with an understanding of the materials we use for initial piercings and why standards matter.

And how to effectively use aseptic technique while performing body piercings, in a way to improve safety, control, and accuracy.

An important adding is to know how properly use an autoclave for body art procedures, and how to safely maintain these machines in your everyday operation.

Understanding Materials and Standards for Initial Body Jewelry

Understanding APP minimum standards for jewelry used in initial piercings.
Brian Skellie will provide current insight for a better understanding of the materials we use for initial piercings and the importance of patterns.




He is a Professional Piercer with 25 years of experience, being one of the pioneers in Brazil. In addition, he is a Technologist in Biosafety and Infection Control and an Acupuncturist.

Participating in National and International Congresses and Seminars, Snoopy, as he is also known in the field of piercing, is a Specialist in Emergency and Urgency, Graduated in Human Physiology, Trained in response to the COVID 19 pandemic by WHO and updated in Infection Control by Hospital Albert Einstein.

He is the current President of the Association of Tattoo Artists and Piercers of Brazil and creator of the Pro Piercers League Brazil project and Owner of ICE Body Art for 11 years.

He considers himself an eternal apprentice, always up to date with continuing education, in pursuit of excellence!




In this class, knowledge will be transmitted that will give the opportunity to better understand all the information necessary for a successful application.

Topics addressed will include recognition of regular areas for application, skin preparation and proper marking, as well as which puncture devices are safe and which jewels are correct for each location and the initial attachments.

Aftercare instructions with good monitoring of the healing process and how to remove the jewelry when necessary, will be also introduced.

In addition, Ronaldo Sampaio will present his best strategies on how to sell the service.

Male Intimate Piercings

In this class, Ronaldo Sampaio will address everything you need to know about the possibilities, presenting videos that will certainly facilitate understanding of the topic.

The different anatomies that are considered practicable and what to do in the pre-application will also be presented.

The products for asepsis and the most correct tools to perform perforations will be explained so that the procedures performed are as safe as possible.

Septum and Daith – The Terrible 2

In this class Ronaldo Sampaio will expose all his tricks and tips so that these two perforations so feared by everyone, become their favourites.

Angles, jewelry, tools, practicable and impractical anatomies, anthropological issues, all to facilitate safe and proper application.




Andre Meyer is a pioneer body piercer who introduced the professional art of body piercing to Brazil and Latin America decades ago in 1996 when he opened the first Professional Piercing studio in South America.

He worked directly in areas involving body adornment, product creation and development, advertising, marketing, and research. He has also been consulting, lecturing in workshops related to jewelry and body art.

He started his work with Body piercing 1992 in London (U.K.) with Grant Dempsey and has participated in APP meetings in Las Vegas since 1998, created and developed jewellery for WildCat (UK), Painful Pleasure (USA) and was honoured in 2015 by LBP in Mexico as an important collaborator in professionalization of Body piercing in the Americas.

In 2018 he got an honour of merit in Tattooweek Expo in Sao Paulo Brazil for pioneering body piercing in Brazil.

Nowadays he lives in Bellingen - Australia and collaborates with AUPP. 

2023 his celebrating 30 years as professional piercer, his speech in conferences in Sao Paulo PPL-BR, AUPP-Sydney and PPL-PT in Portugal, he will show his experiences and techniques of relaxation, rituals, history of body adornments and anthropology.

He is a World Traveler, visiting tribes in the Brazilian Amazon, Peru, Borneo, India, Nepal, Tibet, Thailand, Indonesia,Mexico, Malaysia, New Zealand, Fiji and Australia

He participated in Rituals and religious festivals in Asia, North America, and Europe.

André Meyer's experience and knowledge in the world of body piercing is so vast that he wrote a book in 2010 that tells his main experiences in this area, titled The Beauty of Pain - Piercing Aesthetic, Erotic and Esoteric Travel.

His specialty is classic and intimate piercings; however, he is a pioneer in the rituals of suspension in South America. His work has full connection with another activity extremely present in his life, yoga, in which he is a practitioner and instructor of “Hatha Yoga”.

Long-standing experience and pioneering in this art have allowed him to develop a lot of wisdom and today he benefits from the ability to understand the particularity of each anatomy and has learned from his experiences.

Andre is very excited to participate at PPL in Portugal, where he will present his trajectory with humor and passion of body piercing and adornments.



Adornments and Rituals

Andre Meyer brings alchemy into his procedures to transmute the energy of fear and pain into courage and satisfaction. He finds immense inspiration from the rituals of tribal culture and ancestral connection. For Andre, piercing is more than an adornment, it is a rite of passage and a physical mark of a moment in life that can be seen as a talisman.

In this workshop, Andre will present his experience with different cultures and traditions. As an instructor of Hatha Yoga, Andre's work as a piercer is deeply connected with the path of yoga.


So, in his class, he will transmit, with humor and passion, his experiences of body piercing and adornments, talking about anthropology, rituals, and relaxation techniques for both piercers and their clients.




Leticia Gomes is a Piercer who started her profession in São Paulo in 2017.

Since she got to know the piercing, her life completely changed and for that Leticia feels grateful for everything the piercing has provided her and continues to provide until today.


But what she is even more grateful for is having the opportunity to share her knowledge with people who dream the same dream as her.


Leticia recently launched her Marketing project oriented to piercing, which is being a huge success both in Brazil and in other countries.



Marketing for Body Piercers

Knowing how to position yourself in the digital market is essential in the era we are living in.

That's why, in this class, we're going to talk about the RIGHT strategies to grow on Instagram, attract more followers and turn them into customers who value our work, and all this organically, without investing money on Instagram.

Ear styling - Selling dreams

In this class, we will be able to see through Piercer Leticia's eyes, the criteria used when developing an auricular project.

All steps will be covered, from the initial customer service, through the choice of perforations and jewelry according to anatomy, planning of perforations and care to be taken, to the presentation of the final result.




Eliane Silva, also known as Lika, has been a professional piercer for over 11 years, passionate about what she does and who loves sharing information about the techniques and technologies surrounding Body Piercing.

She has a vast experience and repertoire regarding various areas related to piercing, so much so that she studied First Aid, Human Physiology and Biosafety.


In addition, she is an organizer and participant of National and International Congresses, being a fundamental element of the Pro Piercers League Brazil project.




In a class in which she will bring out the necessary information to carry out the applications safely, Elaine Silva will address the various possibilities for applying Microdermal, going through the evaluation of the skin and its topological lines, different puncture techniques, types of jewelry, instruments, healing, and essential care.

Complementary topics such as removal and attachment exchange will also be addressed, all with the aim of sharing knowledge about versatile and easy-to-understand techniques.

Female Intimate Piercings

In this class, Elaine Silva will teach the possibilities of applying jewelry to the external organs of the female genital, emphasizing correct jewelry and safe applications.

She will also address the physiology of the site, the proper assessment for application, the correct preparation of the site and in what type of anatomies the application of the jewels will be impractical.







Susana Vieira has a degree in Physical Education for 20 years, a Master since 2011, is a certified trainer since 2008 and a piercer since 2017. In 2019 she was invited by a certified training center to be a trainer in the field of piercing, and since then she has deepened her knowledge to better serve those who seek her both for training and consultancy.

Passionate about teaching and realizing the lack of quality training in Portugal, she decided to start the Cycle of Workshops for Piercers, in November 2022, with the aim of raising awareness among professionals about a variety of extremely important topics in the area of piercing. Every month, each workshop, done entirely online, has been attended by hundreds of participants and guests from various corners of the world.

In addition, she challenged Ronaldo Sampaio to bring the Pro Piercers League to Portugal and thus be able to create a league of Professional Piercers that aims to share current information about the body piercing industry.

Susana already has hundreds of workshops and courses in her training, including those from APP, as well as being present at several international conferences.

She is the organizer of this event and brings us a class about the healing process and the complications that can occur during it.



I did a piercing, now what?

Knowing the healing process is essential for any professional piercer, as this is the only way to properly monitor their clients and help in case of any need.


The “object” of a piercer's work is the skin and that’s why we must know it well, know how it is constituted, how the healing process of a piercing takes place, what can happen and how to proceed, are some topics that Susana Vieira will address in this class.

Patrícia Grelha.png



Patrícia Grelha has been a nurse for 31 years specializing in Community Nursing. In addition, she holds a Master's Degree in Palliative Care and a Postgraduate Degree in Family Intervention.

As a Portuguese Red Cross Volunteer, she will be with us to talk about topics as important as First Aid and Biosafety.



First aid

In this class, Patrícia Grelha will address all topics that will allow participants to acquire basic knowledge of first aid, including the lateral safety position and the recommended knowledge about basic adult life support.

To complement the class, there will be practice of the theoretical knowledge acquired.

How to be “Safe” inside the studio

Being one of the most important areas for anyone working with the health of clients, this class will be essential to deepen knowledge in terms of Biosafety, from cleaning and disinfecting spaces and materials, to the correct way of disinfecting, reprocessing and sterilizing instruments.

Patrick McMarthy.png



Patrick McCarthy was the first Elected President of the APP back in the 1990's because of this, APP has grown to what it is today.  Patrick’s board was the first board to complete a 3-year term and set up much of the building blocks the APP still uses today.  Patrick has been a professional piercer for over 34 years. 


He owned a very busy studio in Columbus OH that did on average between 60 to 100 piercings a day. Doing this volume of piercing for many years Patrick has an unique perspective on our industry.  He has also helped and trained many health departments what to look for when inspecting studios.


Patrick had the vision to take the piercing industry to new levels by starting Stiletto Piercing Supply.  Stiletto is the leader in presterilized piercing products. Their products now allow you to pierce without the need for an autoclave. Stiletto just launched its presterilized jewellery line, another first for the industry.



Going Disposable

The wave of the future

Going disposable saves you time, money and allows your clients the comfort that every single product you use has never been used on another person. Patrick McCarthy will be talking about how to move your studio to whatever level of disposability you feel comfortable with. 


Patrick has a huge wealth of knowledge, and his class is a must to attend.




Vânia Matos is 36 years old and is a tattoo and piercing enthusiast. Her passion for piercings grew due to her involvement in the field of tattoos and she already has 7 years as a Bodypiercer.

Her position in the market is one of rigor and hygiene and that is why she constantly seeks to study and fulfil her desire to know more.

In 2021, the first exclusive piercing shop opened in the north of the country, Puro Piercing, with the aim of changing the way piercing is seen in Portugal and praising the attitude of those who like to adorn their body safely and with a wide choice of quality jewellery.

Fábio is a lawyer in Faro and a member of several important associations in the country.



How to be legal and up to date

In this class, Fábio Simão and Vânia Matos will get together to talk about all the necessary procedures to be legal both in the piercer profession and with the studio.

Fábio Simão, as a lawyer with knowledge of the legislation in force in Portugal, will report on it, while Vânia Matos will tell her experience as someone who was faced with all the bureaucratic process when opening her piercing shop recently.


It will be a class full of information about support and legislation to help everyone who wants to stay up to date with what is most current in Portugal.

Adriana Guerreiro.png



Adriana Guerreiro is a PhD researcher at the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Algarve, and has been a trainer since 2009. During her professional career, in addition to agricultural sciences, she has been linked to the area of ​​microbiology, control and food safety.



How to be “Safe” inside the studio

Being one of the most important areas for anyone working with the health of clients, this class will be essential to deepen knowledge in terms of Biosafety, from cleaning and disinfecting spaces and materials, to the correct way of disinfecting, reprocessing and sterilizing instruments.


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